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osvedceni zr or certifikat

Ogólne warunki spedycyjne

(dostępne tylko w języku czeskim, angielskim i niemieckim)

Sec. 601 para 1 of the Commercial Code No. 513/91 Coll. of Laws defines the Contract of Forwarding as follows:

Under the Contract of Forwarding the Freight Forwarder undertakes towards the Client to arrange in his own name and on Client´s account the transport of a thing from a certain place to another one and the Client undertakes to pay a remuneration to the Freight Forwarder.

Sec. 601 to 629 and sec. 261 para 3 and sec. 399 of the Commercial Code contain further provisions relating to the Contract of Forwarding.

The Association of Forwarding and Warehousing of the Czech Republic being a professional organisation of interest has issued, in accordance with sec. 273 para 1 of the Commercial Code, the General Conditions of Forwarding:

1. The obligations of a Freight Forwarder

1.1. The Freight Forwarder shall be obliged to execute his activity with a professional care and to see to a qualitative, economical and careful satisfaction of Client´s interests...

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