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  • Domestic freight transport
  • International freight transport (based on the CMR Convention)
  • Carload and unit shipments
  • Transportation of dangerous goods ADR
  • Transportation under controlled temperature ATP

Advice in the transport of ADR

  • Audit (the actual state and a draft measure)
  • Making the corporate manual processing of accompanying documents
    (in print and digital form)
  • Classification (taxonomy) substances for ADR
  • Control activities (documentation discrepancies digital technology + reports for management of company)
  • Information service (advice)
  • Preparation of Annual reports for government authorities
  • Preparation of Report on emergency
  • Training for personnel involved in the handling of dangerous goods
  • Providing ADR driver training
  • Ensuring mandatory equipment ADR

Who are our

Our services are not only for transportation companies, but also the senders and the recipients, who carry, handle or store the goods that are subjected to ADR agreement. All in accordance with the provisions of ADR agreement subsection, which states: "each company whose activities include road transport of dangerous goods, or to this transport relate operations packaging, loading, performance and unloading dangerous goods must appoint one or more safety advisers for the above activities".


Based on the above, we offer the services of an external safety adviser for the transport of ADR, sending, receiving and other handling of dangerous goods by road (all in accordance with
the required international certifications).

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